February 25, 2022

How to Pack for Your Trip Without Stress

  For a lot of people, packing for a trip is so stressful they dread the mere thought of it. This is completely normal and sometimes even unavoidable. However, there are ways to deal with the tension and make your packing stress‐free. 

If you’ve decided to spend your holiday in a top luxury cabin rental in Big Bear, you certainly have an unforgettable vacation ahead of you. To avoid the unnecessary packing‐related stress just before your perfect getaway, read on to find out why you actually feel stressed and what to do about it

Why is packing for a trip so stressful?

It’s true that it can be terrifying to think about having to prepare yourself and your kids for a trip, whether it’s only for a weekend or for a couple of weeks. There are different reasons that make you feel like this, and it depends on what type of person  or traveler you are. Have a look at the three top reasons you may feel stressed about:

How do I stop stressing when packing

  • Overpacking. You worry about packing more than you need, and a big part of that luggage ends up not being used at all. You should try to occupy less space and maybe pack in a smaller bag. 
  • Underpacking. It has happened before that you didn’t have what you needed on your trip because you feared the former – overpacking. Now, you’re anxious about it and not really sure how to proceed. 
  • Overwhelmed. You don’t really know where to start, you worry about packing too little or too much. As a result, you don’t start packing at all and you risk postponing it until the last minute, which is bad for a great number of reasons. 

How do I stop stressing when packing?

Luckily, there are easy steps you can take to get rid of the stress and start off your holiday carefree. These are the 3 super tips that will help you pack without anxiety:

The list

When you put the things you want to pack on paper, you’ll easily notice if anything needs to be added or removed. Categorize your list for an even better overview. Once it’s time to pack, grab your list and start ticking away. Not only will the stress be gone, but you will also pack exactly what you need ‐ not more, not less.

The start

Getting everything ready on time is crucial for stress prevention. In fact, you should start creating your packing list about a month before your departure so you have enough time to edit it. Then, one week before the departure, start gathering the items and buy those you don’t have. Finally, a day before you start off, simply set everything in your suitcase checking off item by item.

The suitcase

Perfect suitcase is not uniform. You may prefer soft cases or hard ones, huge or middle sized, it’s important that your suitcase fits your needs. If it’s also your favorite color, it’ll be a real delight packing it up. However, a useful piece of advice is that you go for lighter ones due to airport taxes.

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