September 30, 2021

Guide to Traveling with a Large Family

Traveling with a large family can be an exciting way to get out of the everyday routine. Still, it can also be challenging since you need to consider everybody’s priorities. The grown‐ups just want to relax and the kids want exciting adventures and lots of fun. Luckily, with a bit of planning and a wisely chosen destination, you can make it all work.

How do you travel with a large family

To properly host a big group of people, you’ll need quite a lot of room for everybody to feel comfortable. You can choose a lovely and large cabin rental available in Big Bear. Once you book a quality accommodation for your family, the rest is a breeze with the useful tips you can find below. Read on. 

Where should I go for a large family vacation?

When deciding about the location, there are different things to keep in mind. Firstly, if your family members are coming from different parts, you should opt for a place that’s approximately the same distance from all the members. 

Next comes a little research of the potential destinations. Every place offers different kinds of attractions and activities which are usually displayed on the official website of the place. Depending on the interests of your family members, you should choose the destination that can satisfy everybody’s needs and desires. This is a great opportunity to involve your children in the process. They can take part in choosing the destination, which will make them even more enthusiastic about the trip.

How do you travel with a large family?

Where should I go for a large family vacation

Besides a perfect destination, there are other things that you should focus on to have a carefree vacation. If you tackle these, there’ll be no room for unpleasant surprises. 


Eating out with a large family might turn into a complicated venture, but you can prevent this by researching restaurants in the area and making reservations ahead of your trip. If this is too early for you, then simply make a short list of the cafes, restaurants, or eateries that you find suitable and use it as a guide once you’re there. 

If your family is traveling on a budget, make sure to book accommodation with an equipped kitchen, where you can prepare your own food. 

Relax & recharge

It can be tempting to pack your daily schedule with different activities, especially if your children are adventurous. But, if you don’t leave enough time to cool down and recharge your energy, you won’t be able to fully enjoy everything you planned to do. So, make sure you include a couple of hours for relaxing in your family’s daily plans. 


Moving in a large group creates a risk that someone gets lost. It’s more probable to happen to a child or an older adult, but it might as well happen to anybody. To keep your family safe and sound, you can make a kind of buddy system where each person in your group is responsible for another person. If your children are too small to account for one another, assign one adult family member for each child.   

Where can I book a quality large cabin rental in Big Bear

Where can I book a quality large cabin rental in Big Bear?

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