November 30, 2020

4 Amazing Ideas for a Family Retreat

After a hectic work week, there’s nothing better than having some well-deserved downtime somewhere away from it all. Taking a break by going on a short family trip is sure to lift your spirits and help you recharge. On top of this, it gives family members a chance to spend time together having fun.

When you decide to take your loved ones on a surprise trip, check out our list of places to travel with your family for the weekend. There are many fantastic options for a weekend getaway, ranging from exciting city breaks to relaxing nature escapes. Whether you go on a road trip or book a Big Bear family vacation rental, remember to stay safe and take advantage of the time spent with your nearest and dearest.

Where should I go for a short weekend trip?

Typically, every member of the family is busy with their different responsibilities during the week, so it’s important to take time away from the daily grind once in a while. Since there aren’t many activities the whole family can engage in and enjoy on a daily basis, a mini-vacation is a great opportunity to bond with your family.

Here are a few ideas to help you have a great time together:

Consider a weekend cruise

4 Amazing Ideas for a Family Retreat

Set out on an overnight cruise. Cruise ships will typically camp out near the shore without actually reaching another port but they will provide all the entertainment your heart desires. As they are designed for the enjoyment of the whole family, there will be something for everyone, from playrooms for the children to casinos for the grown-ups.

Book a rental

A splendid rental villa with a swimming pool for the kids can satisfy even the pickiest of people. Some of these vacation homes also offer the services of a cook and maid. Your home away from home can be in the location of your choice, such as the city center or near the beach, so that you can engage in your favorite activities.

Visit a nearby town

You don’t have to travel to a faraway location to have fun. Spend the weekend shopping, sightseeing and taking photos in a neighboring town. The visit can be especially interesting and educational for children if the place has a rich history and many famous landmarks. You can also take part in a local fair or festival if you choose the timing of your visit right.

Spend time in nature

It’s always a great idea to have some outdoor fun and get to know one of the natural wonders near you. Camp out under the stars, swim in a lake or river, go hiking or rafting… the opportunities are endless.

Going on an outdoor adventure doesn’t mean you need to rough it. You can rent a luxury cabin and enjoy both stunning nature and modern conveniences. Read about what you can do in a cabin in winter and you’ll realize it’s a perfect choice for families.

What is the best Big Bear family vacation rental?What is the best Big Bear family vacation rental

Considering how forests improve our well-being, a cabin stay in the lush greenery of the San Bernardino National Forest may be just what the doctor ordered. If you’re interested in experiencing the beauty of Big Bear Lake first-hand, come visit us at the Evergreen Lodge. Our location provides the ideal base for exploring forest trails, skiing and even bobsledding, just to name a few.

This mountain retreat is a fully-equipped 4-bedroom cabin with a warm and welcoming natural design. We offer all necessary amenities, complete with crackling fire and family-friendly game room. Learn about the best month to visit Big Bear and what you need to bring to a cabin in winter. Then you can start making plans for a one-of-a-kind experience!

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