October 29, 2021

Why a 3-Day Vacation Is Truly Worth It

Are you considering a short trip but wonder if it’ll be enough for you to get stress out of your system? While three days may not seem long enough for you to relax from everyday life, it’s actually a good idea to take a long weekend off to recharge and start afresh. There may not be enough time to travel far but, guess what, you don’t need to. 

You can keep your travel expenses low by going to a nearby destination. In Big Bear, you can stay in a lovely family vacation rental surrounded by amazing nature. If you’re wondering whether having a three day long holiday is worth it, keep on reading to find out. 

Is a 3-day vacation worth it?

There are several reasons why a short vacation has certain advantages over going away for longer. Here are the main benefits of a three-day vacation.

Is a 3-day vacation worth it

1. It’s effortless to plan

Long trips guarantee stress since dealing with the logistics is not simple at all. However, with a short vacation, you don’t have to pack a lot and that lowers the stress level significantly. You can even replace the hassle over early flight booking with a simple car trip to your destination. What’s more, you’ll avoid feeling exhausted because of jet lag. 

2. It costs less

If your family is traveling on a budget, the fact that short trips are affordable is a welcome benefit. With no expensive flights and only two nights booked, the expenses of your short vacation will be considerably lower. Also, you won’t need to exchange any currency, which would probably be necessary if you traveled abroad. The best part is that you can do this several times per year without it affecting your budget seriously. 

3. It’s perfectly doable

Taking some time off your normal daily routine isn’t always manageable. Very often, people just can’t spare ten days for a full-blown vacation. However, stress takes a toll on you little by little, and finding an outlet is very important. Even if you can’t step away from your routine for long, most people can find time for a short, replenishing trip. You won’t feel like you missed out on a lot back home, come back to a ton of emails, or fall behind with work and other responsibilities.

Where should I go for a 3-day family vacation?

Where should I go for a 3-day family vacationThe purpose of going on a vacation is unwinding and having fun, and where better to do both than out in nature. Staying at a mountain resort such as Big Bear allows you to enjoy a lot of different activities whether you’re up for adventure or simply want to admire magnificent views. If you’re traveling with your kids, it’s also a great way for them to spend some energy in the fresh air while you can choose to join them or just relax. 

Whichever destination you opt for, make sure there’s enough greenery around you so you give your body and mind a chance to rest and reset. 

Where in Big Bear can I book a perfect family vacation rental?

If you’re looking for the perfect accommodation to make your family feel safe and happy, Evergreen Lodge is just right for you. In our cozy cabin, you can find anything you need to make your stay as comfortable and carefree as possible. A fully equipped kitchen, hot tub, private deck, and a game room are just some of the amenities included in our cabin.

Your accommodation will be located near the lovely Big Bear Lake and other amazing landmarks, so you’ll have the perfect starting point for exploring this beautiful area. Give us a call and treat your family to a fantastic getaway!

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