December 30, 2020

4 Packing Tips for a Winter Cabin Retreat

As magical as it sounds, getting ready for a trip to one of the cozy family cabin rentals in the Big Bear area during the winter might be a bit stressful, especially if it’s your first time. There are lots of things to consider and knowing that one of them might slip your mind adds up to the stress.

So, are you looking forward to spending some cozy time nestled in an amazing cabin, but still feeling just a speck of uncertainty about what to pack? No need to worry anymore! Take a look at the most important items that will make your stay comfortable and carefree.

What do I need for a cabin in the winter?

If you want to make sure not to forget anything when packing for a winter retreat, you should make a list of all the essential items. Here’s what you should consider bringing.

What kind of clothing should I bring?

What do I need for Big Bear in the winter

Speaking of the time spent indoors, feel free to bring some comfortable cotton clothes. You should also consider bringing your swimsuit because you don’t want to miss out on some nice and relaxing time soaked in a hot tub inside your cabin.

However, when it comes to outdoor activities, you should go with warm, comfortable clothes that will enable you to spend some time exploring the natural beauties of the area. Cotton is not recommended since it easily gets wet, which may be risky for your health. Of course, one of the keys to warm winter outfits is layering.

Therefore, as the first layer against your skin, you should consider wearing some very light sports clothes like those you would wear to a gym. You should also make sure to bring a couple of warm sweaters and a pair of water-resistant pants. Finally, a compressible down jacket is a good choice since it is very light, yet it keeps you warm.

What footgear do I need?

Needless to say, winter footwear is necessary, just make sure it’s waterproof to keep your feet dry. Depending on the time of your stay in Big Bear and the snow depth, you can choose between shoes and boots. However,  it’s always a safe choice to go for the boots. Also, there are never enough socks, so make sure to bring a nice stash.

What do I need for Big Bear in the winter?

Here are a few more things that you should bring to Big Bear since it gets quite chilly in the winter.

Do I need any accessories?

Believe it or not, the points where most of your body heat finds its way out are your face, head, and neck. This is why it is also important to bring your ear bands, caps, and buffs. As far as your hands are concerned, liner gloves and mittens are a great combination. In case you’re planning to stay outside for a longer period of time, you might also consider bringing chemical warmers for hands and toes.

What kind of first aid should I have?

As for the medical kit that you should have at hand while exploring nature, you can include just a few basic items. These include a first-aid tape, a roll of gauze, and some bandage strips just in case you need to deal with some minor cuts. Make sure to keep these in a plastic zip-lock bag.

Where to find the best family cabin rental in Big Bear Lake?

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Here, you can relax peacefully or enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, horseback riding, or simply admiring a magnificent view. Big Bear Lake is an astounding place that renders spellbound those who once experience the magic of it. Make your reservation and enjoy!

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