November 29, 2021

How to Have a Perfect Day in the Forest

Spending some time in a forest with your little ones can have a lot of amazing effects on your well‐being, but it’s particularly beneficial for your children. Apart from improving physical fitness, playing in nature boosts your children’s cognitive abilities, improves their focus, and may even help them get the grades they want.

So, if you haven’t found your favorite forest area yet, you can consider traveling to Big Bear Lake, CA, where you can find lovely family cabins for rent. It’s a perfect place for a carefree vacation with your family and you can spend some time relaxing by the lake. Keep reading to find out about the best ways to keep your children entertained in the forest

What can kids do in the forest?

Is there an area in Big Bear Lake, CA with great family cabins for rent

When it comes to things to do in the forest, the possibilities are endless. Below, you can find the three that are typically the most stimulating for kids. They’ll keep them occupied for a long time and you’ll love seeing them beam with happiness while they’re having fun.

1. Get creative

You’ll need to find a clear area to use as a canvas. Your child can then use a stick to draw on the ground. You can tell them what to draw or think of fun challenges, such as drawing a tree or a bird in as few strokes as they can. Also, they can collect sticks, pine cones, leaves, or stones and do a DIY project using them. Make sure you praise them for their little work of art. 

2. Hit the target

Children should search for pine cones and get three each. In the meantime, you can draw three concentric circles on the ground. Once the children have their pine cones, you should set a certain distance from the circles where they’ll be standing. They can then throw the pine cones to hit the target. The inner circle scores more points. 

3. Touch a tree  

For this game, you’ll need a blindfold and an area with a lot of trees and very few obstacles on the ground (such as holes, nettles, or thorny bushes). Children work in pairs and one child is wearing the blindfold. The other child’s task is to guide the child who is blindfolded to a tree, but try to make the route complicated. 

Once they reach the tree, the blindfolded child should use his or her senses of touch and smell to really remember its features and texture. Then they go back to the initial point, remove the blindfold, and do their best to find the same tree. Because it requires coordination and balance, this game is more suitable for older children.

What should I bring to the forest?

What can kids do in the forest

A day in the forest itself is an amazing experience that doesn’t require too many additional items to make it fun. But, here are some things you can bring to make it more engaging:

  • Food. A delicious lunch and treat will certainly make a great addition to your adventure-packed day. 
  • Water. Staying hydrated is important, especially if it’s hot and sunny. Your kids will probably be rather active, so they should take sips of water every once in a while.
  • Binoculars, magnifying glass, torch. These can spark your children’s imagination and excitement as they go around acting like true explorers. 
  • Other necessities: Taking a picnic blanket, raincoat, camera, first-aid kit, and other essentials is also a great idea.

Is there an area in Big Bear Lake, CA with great family cabins for rent?

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