February 28, 2022

11 Things to Do With Your Friends in a Cabin

Quality time with your friends has finally arrived and you can’t wait to start your trip knowing that a whole lot of fun is ahead of you. However, if it’s your first time in the mountains or you’d like to devise a thorough plan that will keep you entertained, you might be interested in the activities you can do there. 

Imagine waking up to birds singing in one of the luxury cabin rentals in Big Bear Lake, well‐rested and ready for different adventures. Have a look at these 11 activities you can include in your plan for an unforgettable trip.  

What to do in a cabin with friends?

While it’s always a good idea to put together a plan before you travel, especially when it comes to packing and the accompanying stress, you can also choose to be spontaneous. Either way, having this list at hand will help you get ideas. 


  • What to do in a cabin with friendsGo hiking. Turn your hike into a challenge and see who arrives first at the end of the trail. You can choose between easier and harder trails in the beautiful San Bernardino Forest
  • Go biking. This is another way to explore amazing landscapes. If you don’t have your own bike with you, rent one and enjoy.
  • Explore the lake. If the time of year isn’t suitable for swimming, you can always rent a boat or go on a guided tour and have a great time on this beautiful lake. If you’re up for some exercise, you can also go for a paddleboat.
  • Stargazing. This is a magical experience whether you get a chance to observe the night sky from a spot in nature or from the comfort of your deck. 
  • Cook dinner together. Set aside one evening to cook a big delicious meal. You’ll have a lot of funny moments and a tasty dinner you’ve prepared together. 
  • Try local food. Do a bit of research and choose a restaurant where you can taste a local dish. It will make your travel experience complete. 
  • Watch a movie. Pick a favorite movie that none of you has recently watched. Make some popcorn and add other snacks and drinks, and it’ll be a great memory from your trip.
  • Play games. Cards and board games are an excellent way to fill the time. Apart from the entertainment, you’ll also strengthen your bonds and recall memories from younger days. 
  • Make a video. Use your camera to make at least a couple of highlights each day. Eventually, you’ll have a short video collection of the best moments together. 
  • Have a music night. If any of you plays an instrument, bring it along so you can all sing together. Gather around the fireplace and sing your hearts out.
  • Meditate. If this is your thing, grab the opportunity to do it in nature. Find a cozy place in the woods, sit around, and relax. The effect will be amazing. 

What are the best luxury cabin rentals in Big Bear Lake

Even if you decide not to make an exact schedule, at least go over the activities you’d potentially like to do. Some of them require certain items that are not available at your destination, like music instruments, so make sure you include them in your packing list

What are the best luxury cabin rentals in Big Bear Lake?

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