November 30, 2020

When Should Visitors Come to Big Bear?

Big Bear Lake is a popular destination for nature lovers from California and beyond. There is something to see and do near Big Bear Lake all year round. Renting cozy family cabins is the easiest, most comfortable way to explore the lake and its forest surroundings. From there, tourists can set out on an exciting mountain adventure.

If you’d like to find out more about this unique place, such as what time of the year most visitors go to Big Bear or when you can expect snow in the area, read on. Maybe Big Bear is just the place for one of your future vacations with the family.

What is the best month to go to Big Bear?

What is the best month to go to Big Bear

Big Bear provides a perfect respite from the scorching desert heat or the hustle & bustle of San Diego and Los Angeles. When thinking about where to travel for the weekend, many choose Big Bear. For millions of visitors, it retains its appeal throughout the year:

  • Summer: June to August is definitely Big Bear’s busiest season. This is the time when people flock to Big Bear to get much-needed relief from the heat by participating in a range of water sports. You can expect warmth and sunshine, with daily highs above 74°F. However, it is also the time when the prices are at their highest.
  • Spring and Fall: Mild and moderate weather, ideal for long hikes, are to be expected during the off-season. There are fewer tourists compared to summer months, so it may be the perfect opportunity for those who dislike crowds and want to take advantage of lower prices.
  • Winter: Winter is chilly, with daily temperatures averaging below 51°F, and not nearly as busy as summer. Tourists can have fun in the snow, as well as soak in a hot tub or lounge by a fireplace of a luxury lodge. As winter temperatures are low, carefully consider what you need for Big Bear in winter.

Tourists should pick the season to book their stay according to their individual preferences but one thing is for certain: it’s never boring in Big Bear! Every member of the family will love it here, as there are even fun activities for toddlers in Big Bear.

Does it snow in Big Bear?

In contrast to the largely Mediterranean-style climate of California, Big Bear does get its fair share of snowfall. There can be snow in Big Bear as early as October and as late as March. February is the snowiest month, with an average snowfall of 18.1″ and an average low temperature of 22.1°F.

Typically, after a day of snowfall in Big Bear, an inch or more of fresh snow can be expected. Blizzards that produce more than 5 inches of snow also occur a few times every year, between November and April.

How long is there snow in Big Bear?

On average, there are 18 snow days in Big Bear and a total of 72.2″ of snowfall. The snow usually holds up for several days in the low temperatures typical of Big Bear in winter. This means the idyllic sight of snow-covered evergreens is a common occurrence. Even if there is no natural snow, you’ll never be in want of snow on the nearby ski trails, as it is produced daily.

How can visitors find some of the best Big Bear Lake family cabins?Does it snow in Big Bear

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