October 23, 2020

5 Reasons Why You Should Go on a Romantic Cabin Retreat

If you and your partner are looking for a place to spend your next romantic vacation, think about booking a couples luxury cabin in Big Bear Lake. You’ll get a chance to relax, enjoy each other’s company, and reap the benefits of spending time in nature. If you’ve never tried anything similar before, this will be a great opportunity for you and your loved one to experience something new and discover all the perks of staying at a cabin rental.

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What are the benefits of cabin rentals for a romantic vacation?

Cabin rentals will provide you with a unique vacation experience and allow you to enjoy the following benefits:

Fireplace & best couples luxury cabin in Big Bear Lakehot tub

What could be more romantic than spending your evenings curled up in front of the fireplace, holding hands and drinking wine? Perhaps a relaxing dip in a hot tub! The good news is that you can have both. Luxury cabin rentals come equipped with numerous amazing amenities that will make your stay there even more enjoyable and absolutely unforgettable.

Dinners for two

Since your cabin rental will surely have a fully equipped kitchen, you can take this opportunity to cook a meal together. This is an activity that you probably rarely have time for at home and that will remind you how much you love doing things together. You can either prepare your favorite dish or be adventurous and try out some new local recipes.


Unlike in a hotel, where you’re surrounded by dozens of people as soon as you step out of your room, at cabin rentals, you get more privacy and space for just the two of you. You won’t have to worry about the noisy neighbors next door and will be able to dedicate your full attention to each other. What’s more, you’ll finally be able to wake up without the sound of traffic annoying you in the morning.

Great outdoor activities

If you love hiking, Big Bear Lake is the place to be! All you need to do is put on cozy footwear, and wherever you go, you’ll come across magnificent trails perfect for long walks together. You can explore the surroundings and enjoy all the exciting outdoor activities like horseback riding and biking.

Breath-taking views

Waking up to gorgeous mountain views is reason enough to drop whatever you’re doing, take your loved one by the hand, and rush to this heaven on earth. You can sit on the porch side by side, drinking your morning coffee, breathing the fresh air in, and enjoying the beautiful scenery. You’ll finally have the time to catch up on all the topics that you usually have no time for and enjoy each other’s company like you did when you first met.

Where to book the best couples luxury cabin in Big Bear Lake? Why you should go on a romantic cabin retreat

If you’re looking for a luxury couples cabin in Big Bear Lake, contact Evergreen Lodge. We offer beautiful accommodation options perfect for all the couples who wish to enjoy the utmost comfort and spend their vacation far away from the usual hustle and bustle of city streets. Our lush amenities include a hot tub, fireplace, and a private deck, and they will be at your disposal at all times.

Here, you can enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities, including hiking, biking, and horseback riding, as well as visit the beautiful Big Bear Alpine Zoo or go wildlife viewing in San Bernardino National Forest. Visit our website to book your vacation or give us a call. We’re looking forward to


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