September 30, 2021

How to Travel on a Budget with a Large Family

No matter how happy you are about taking your whole family on a beautiful vacation, there’s always that one word that can hold you back, and it’s ‐ the budget. The larger the family, the more it costs to travel. But, there are ways to cut expenses and enjoy your trip without worrying about the budget. 

Nature is a great ally for saving some money. If you stay in Big Bear, you can find an amazing large cabin rental and settle close to the natural beauties of the area. Other than nature, there are more things that can help you budget. Read on to find out more.

How do you budget for a big family on vacation

How can I travel cheap with a large family?

When it comes to the trip itself, there are different ways to have fun without spending too much money. Here are some of the best ideas.

Research offers

You can research available activities before the trip itself, but once you’re there, tourist info centers and local guides are the best way to find out about free events, discounts, or free entry museums. There are even city discount cards that offer things like free public transport. If you put a bit of effort into exploring these opportunities, you can save a fortune. 

Eat out or eat in?

This depends on your preferences, but you can also mix both and get creative. Of course, no one wants to spend their holiday cooking, but you can prepare light meals such as breakfast and go out for lunch or dinner. Also, eating out doesn’t imply going to expensive restaurants. Rather, you can go for street food or fast food and enjoy it in the park or a picnic spot. You can think about eating healthy when you come back home.

How do you budget for a big family on vacation?Where in Big Bear to book a perfect large cabin rental

To make sure you can save enough money on time, you need to make a step‐by‐step plan and include all the predictable and unpredictable situations:

  • Start on time. Depending on where you want to take your large family, it’s best to start planning at least one year earlier. For a more costly destination, you’ll probably need even more time. 
  • Set the budget. Be as realistic as possible. If you’re already setting aside a part of your monthly income for your vacation, you can easily calculate the amount you’re likely to save until the trip. 
  • Choose the means of transport. This is a decision you need to make early, especially if you travel by plane. The sooner you book, the cheaper it gets. 
  • Find the right accommodation. You may need a place with a kitchen to cook your own food, or stay at a hotel which is close to the activities you want to enjoy. Find what suits you best and check when you should book for the best deal. 
  • The rest. Include all the other costs like tolls, parking fees, groceries, exchange rates, water, food, souvenirs, and other. Go through each day in detail to make sure everything is covered.
  • Unplanned costs. Leaving some extra cash for situations such as emergencies or unpredicted additional activities is a great way to keep your mind relaxed and worry‐free. 

Where in Big Bear to book a perfect large cabin rental?How can I travel cheap with a large family

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