April 28, 2021

5 Steps to Planning the Perfect Surprise Getaway

Planning romantic cabin getaways with your partner in some of the great places in California is a perfect way to escape the hectic pace of everyday life. You can truly take the fun and excitement to the next level if you make it a surprise. However, being the one who’s working out the surprise plan can be difficult. You need to keep a low profile as you do your best to make everything work perfectly without your partner noticing a thing.

So, if you are ready to book a perfect lodge for your surprise trip, you’ll want to have a good strategy and make sure nothing slips your mind. Read on to find a list of steps for a perfect surprise.

How do I plan a surprise getaway?

How do I plan a surprise getawayMaking a good plan is the key to pulling off a big surprise smoothly and successfully and these are the most important steps to follow:

Work out the schedules

The first and the most important of all is to make sure you choose the date when both of you are free. Since it might be difficult to find out when your partner is off duty, this is the time to play wisely in order to keep your surprise a secret. One of them could be asking your partner’s friend to make fake plans for the same time you’re aiming at. This way, your partner’s schedule will certainly be clear, and the surprise could be even bigger when the day comes.

Plan your budget

Another important aspect of traveling within the U.S. is the amount of money you want to spend. There are certain expenses to take into account and these include:

  • Travel (plane tickets, gas money, rental car)
  • Lodging
  • Food (eating at restaurants or cooking your own food)
  • Entertainment (check available activities and their prices)


You want to make the destination something special that your loved one will truly enjoy. The chances are that you already have a place in mind, but if you are still in doubt, think about your partner’s preferences, like the things he or she likes to do or the environment they enjoy the most. For example, if they love nature, plan a location with a lot of outdoor activities.

Pack up

Other than what to pack, it is important when to pack. If you want to keep this trip a secret until the very last moment, you need to squeeze in the packing part while your partner is away. For instance, if they leave for work in the morning, pack the suitcases right after and put them in the trunk of your car. Once your partner is back, suggest going for a drink and then drive directly to the station, airport or your destination.

Surprise, surprise!

It is always exciting to wait until the last moment to reveal the surprise. If you’ve already packed up, perhaps you can wait until your partner notices that something is happening and you’re not really going for a drink. Imagine how stunned they would be!

Where  can I book amazing romantic cabin getaways in California?

Where can I book amazing romantic cabin getaways in CaliforniaWhether you are a couple looking for a lovely weekend break, or you want to enjoy some time off with your family, Evergreen Lodge is the perfect place for you. In our cozy cabins, with a fully equipped kitchen, game room, and a hot tub, you will feel relaxed and refreshed.

The cabins are surrounded by fascinating nature, and with the coming of spring, there are more outdoor activities available, such as taking a hike through the San Bernardino National Forest. Book today and enjoy!

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