August 31, 2020

Travelers’ Guide to Cabin Trips

If you have decided to book one of the charming Big Bear luxury cabin rentals this year, you should take some time to prepare for this exciting cabin trip and get the most out of it! First, make sure to do your research on all the perks of renting a cabin for your vacation, find out what you need to rent a cabin, and how to select the best one available.

How to plan a cabin trip?

When planning for your perfect cabin trip, here is what you should consider:

  • Decide on the destination: Before you start exploring different accommodation options and getting into details, you first need to select the location. Perhaps you want something closer to home, or are looking for a place that offers various fun outdoor activities. Take all such things into consideration and shortlist your favorite options!What do you do on a cabin trip
  • Decide whom to invite: Before you book your cabin rental, you first need to know the exact number of persons traveling with you, including pets. You want everyone to feel comfortable during their stay, and to achieve this, you’ll need to find a cabin that caters to everyone’s taste and preferences.
  • Research different cabins: To get the feel of what’s out there, take some time to research different options, and compare several cabins to discover which one works best for you. You’ll want to explore the various amenities your cabin rental offers, confirm if pets are allowed, and browse through the online gallery to see if you love the design and atmosphere of the place.

What do you need for a cabin trip?

Depending on your location, you might need to bring some specific items, but in general, for a mountain cabin getaway, these are some of the things that you don’t want to forget:

  • Adequate clothes: In mountain towns like Big Bear Lake, temperatures can drop pretty low during winter months, so make sure to bring layered clothing. On the other hand, summers can get surprisingly warm, so don’t forget to check the local weather forecast before packing your suitcase.
  • Comfortable footwear: Don’t miss out on hiking and other fun outdoor activities only because you haven’t brought appropriate footwear.
  • A small backpack: If you plan to take long walks in the mountains, it’s good to have a small backpack where you can pack everything you need for your daily excursions in the area.
  • Camara: To ensure you’ll never forget this exciting trip, bring your camera with you and capture your favorite moments.

Before your trip, check what kind of amenities your cabin rental offers. The chances are that you’ll even have a fully equipped entertainment area, so you won’t have to worry about bringing any board games or other forms of entertainment with you.

What do you do on a cabin trip?

What do you need for a cabin tripThe possibilities are limitless! From hiking and swimming to kayaking and horseback riding, cabin retreats have a rich offer of activities that will bring you closer to nature and allow you to experience it in a slightly different way.

If located in the vicinity of a town, you’ll probably have some time to explore local attractions and go souvenir shopping. How you’ll spend your vacation is entirely up to you. Perhaps, all you need is a cozy nook by the fireplace where you can spend your afternoons in peace sipping tea and resting. Cabin rentals have something for everyone. You just need to discover what makes you happy and go for it!

What are the best Big Bear luxury cabin rentals?

If you want to spend an enjoyable vacation with your friends or family away from the hustle and bustle of big cities, Evergreen Lodge is your go-to luxury retreat. Here, you can indulge in a wide variety of energizing outdoor activities, visit the local attractions, such as Big Bear Alpine Zoo, San Bernardino National Forest, and The Alpine Slide, and share many memorable moments with your loved ones.

Visit our website to see some photos of the cabin rental and discover what great amenities we have in store for you. Our mission is to provide you with a comprehensive vacation experience that checks off all the boxes.

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