March 30, 2021

5 Date Ideas in Nature

There are so many different ways to make a date special or fun, but choosing to spend it in nature is always a wonderful idea. It opens so many options and you can easily tailor it to your and your partner’s taste.

Hence, if you are in search of spots for romantic getaways in California, you should certainly check out some of the lovely sights among the mountain tops of Big Bear. You’ll find not only a lot of different activities to choose from, but also some amazing cabins to stay and make the adventure complete.

What are some fun things couples can do together?

What are some fun things couples can do togetherSo, if you do want to take your significant other to enjoy the beauty of nature, here are some interesting activities. Take a look at these five ideas.

Starting off in a relaxed manner

As the weather gets warmer, more opportunities arise, so in case you are not too much of an adventurer, or you just want to enjoy a bit of a relaxing time, you may want to start with a fine picnic beside the lake. Pack up your bags and find a favorite spot by the water. The stunning sights of the surrounding mountains will spark some amazing feelings and help you connect with nature.

A visit to Big Bear Alpine Zoo

Animal lovers will adore the Big Bear Alpine Zoo since it’s not a regular zoo, but more of a sanctuary and rehabilitation facility. They take in wild animals that are injured and provide them with full care. A large number of these animals are successfully released back into the wild, while those that would not be able to care for themselves remain. So, having the possibility to stay close to them and observe them is another way to truly connect with nature and its beautiful creatures.

Guided snowshoeing

Another exciting venture that couples can enjoy is a tour of guided snowshoeing. This unusual adventure will take you along the mountain paths in a whole different way. You will not only get a kind of exercise you haven’t done before, well at least not recently, but also acquire some great info from your knowledgeable guide. Tiring yet fruitful, these are some moments worth spending together with your beloved one.

Jeep experience

If you’re up for some adrenaline, driving a Jeep across this incredible area is something you should definitely go for. You’ll be assigned a Jeep of your own to follow the guide ahead of you, so you can test your skills and enjoy all the fun of it. This could also be perfect if you are looking for ways to surprise your partner during this romantic getaway.


Sliding through the forest gives yet another perspective over these magnificent views. This zipline is actually an arrangement of nine high-speed lines and a suspension bridge and it is a great way to share some intense excitement with your partner if you both love exploring nature in unusual ways.

Looking for romantic getaways? Find some fabulous lodges in California!

Looking for romantic getaways Find some fabulous lodges in CaliforniaPlaced in the heart of the mesmerizing Big Bear Lake, Evergreen Lodge is a brilliant spot to settle in during your adventures. After an exciting day spent outdoors, you can cozy up in a cabin with a fully equipped kitchen, game room and indoor hot tub and easily recharge your energy for the day ahead. With the temperatures getting warmer towards the spring, you may also choose to admire the lovely view from the cabin’s patio with a cup of coffee. You’ll have a full experience, so make sure to book your spot now!

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