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Luxury Family Cabin Rental in Big Bear Lake, CA

Add a touch of luxury to your Big Bear romantic getaway

If you seek a romantic getaway that combines contemporary convenience and luxury with breathtaking scenery, a romantic luxury cabin in the majestic Big Bear is where you will find just that. Few things rekindle romance like sharing an intimate experience in an awe-inspiring natural setting that makes you feel like you are the only two people in the world. On top of that, you get to indulge in luxury amenities that will make the trip feel extra special.

Ideal setting for couples

A lot of love and care went into building this charming couples luxury cabin in Big Bear that will captivate and inspire you. You might never want to leave!

Hot tub

Get a taste of luxury by sharing a soothing bath in the cabin’s hot tub whenever you feel like it. The hot tub is one of Evergreen Lodge’s proudest amenities, an indulgent feature which few properties in the area can boast.

King-size beds

Sleeping and waking up next to someone you love is a bliss, and all the more so if you have a lavish spacious king-size bed to do it on. Sleep together soundly and get up feeling invigorated and ready to make every moment of your getaway count.


We have gone to great lengths to make the cabin feel cozy and comfortable through and through, and the fireplace is essential to that. Curl up by the crackling fire on the carpeted floors which add to the warmth of the cabin’s interior.

Private deck

Lounge on Evergreen Lodge’s spacious deck and kickstart a thrilling day exploring the numerous attractions of Big Bear. The deck is fenced, so you can enjoy fresh morning air and complete privacy hidden from view over an intimate breakfast.

Try the ultimate romantic experience in a Big Bear luxury cabin

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Why couples fall hopelessly in love with Big Bear

Treating your significant other to a trip to Big Bear is the ultimate grand romantic gesture, whether at the beginning of a budding romance or for a memorable anniversary trip. With its must-see romantic spots and scenic views, Big Bear has all it takes to meet and exceed your expectations. That goes double if you’re staying at a conveniently located cabin which combines stunning visual appeal with elegant comfort. You will share a unique experience of reconnecting with nature while enjoying an intimate atmosphere without disturbances getting in the way of your couple time.

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Book luxury private accommodation and make the most of your romantic getaway with the person you love in the serene natural setting of Big Bear Lake. Visit Evergreen Lodge and experience what might be the beginning of a beautiful tradition reserved for just the two of you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to plan a couples cabin trip?

And if you’re planning a couples cabin trip to Big Bear and choose to make Evergreen Lodge your home during the stay, there isn’t really much planning to do: just make the reservation. At Evergreen Lodge, you’ll have everything you need, from basic to luxury amenities, so no need for extensive packing. Just bring the bare essentials.

If you want to stage a surprise for your partner and treat them to a trip to Evergreen Lodge, make sure to give them a short notice so they’ll have time to pack.

What's the best accommodation for a couple visiting Big Bear Lake?

Aside from being the go-to place for families passionate about the great outdoors, Big Bear is where you will find cozy cabins designed to cater to the needs of couples on a romantic getaway.

At Evergreen Cabin, you will get to enjoy precious time as a couple, discover new things and share new experiences, all the while enjoying each other’s company, undisturbed and uninterrupted.

What do you do on a romantic cabin getaway?

Looking to escape the rut and the daily drudgery while reconnecting with nature and your partner? A romantic cabin getaway is the perfect answer.

If you’ve chosen our romantic luxury cabin in Big Bear as the destination of a romantic cabin getaway, you’ve made an excellent choice. There is an exciting array of things to do in Big Bear, and you can start exploring with one of the following:

  • Take a tour of the Big Bear Lake
  • Visit the quaint Big Bear Village
  • Experience the mesmerizing Castle Rock Trail
  • Have a casual picnic in the lovely Boulder Bay Park

And if you catch yourselves longing for a high-end dining experience at the end of a day packed with outdoor activities, Big Bear delivers: make a reservation for one of its exquisite fine dining establishments.

At our Big Bear romantic luxury cabin, we’ve made sure that you have everything you need for a truly memorable stay, and you won’t have to leave the cabin in order to make the most of your evening. So how about enjoying the sunset from the backyard or sharing a bottle of wine in front of the living room fireplace?

What should I bring on a romantic cabin getaway?

What items you’ll put on your list to help you pack for the trip depends on your preferences, plans, expectations and duration of your stay. Depending on the length of your trip, bring clothes and accessories that will feel comfortable to wear during outdoor activities, with a few special items for date nights, whether you’re going out or staying in.

What is probably the most convenient aspect of booking Evergreen Lodge is that it is an all-in-one cabin that has all the amenities for a comfortable stay, including luxury amenities designed to make the trip that much more special.

Do any Big Bear Lake cabins have hot tubs?

Big Bear Lake cabins are a popular choice for couples on a romantic getaway, mainly due to their breathtaking location. They also have various amenities intended to make your stay more enjoyable. At Evergreen Cabin, we strive to fo beyond that and make it absolutely unforgettable. The cabin features a state-of-the-art indoor hot tub, so you can add a finishing touch to your amazing day and relax with the person you love in absolute privacy.

What's the best couples luxury cabin in Big Bear?

With its rustic elegance which adds a dash of glamor to stunning natural surroundings, a couples luxury cabin in Big Bear is the perfect destination for your romantic getaway. At Evergreen Lodge, we’ve made sure you’ll have everything you need, from modern, state-of-the-art appliances to classic amenities.

The cabin features an elegant, Old Hollywood-inspired spiral staircase, a cozy living room with a stone fireplace and TV, a spacious dining area and a fully equipped gourmet kitchen. We’ll further pamper you with a comfortable king-size bed in your chic bedroom and an indoor hot tub. In the morning, you can take a breath of clean mountain air from the comfort of a private, fenced backyard area.

Due to its location and the love and care that went into its design and furnishing, Evergreen Lodge is the dream destination for a romantic Big Bear getaway. Make your reservation and see for yourselves!