February 26, 2021

Big Bear for Valentine’s Day: 4 Romantic Tips

Making arrangements for Valentine’s Day is probably one of the most exciting things you can do with your partner, but it could also be quite difficult to think of new or original ways to spend it. One great option is taking your partner to luxury vacation rentals in Big Bear. It offers not only the prospect of thrilling adventures, but also a lot of possibilities for some relaxing and romantic moments.

So, whether you are up for a once-in-a-lifetime escapade or you just want to stay inside your cozy cabin cuddled up by the fireplace, Big Bear is an ideal place for you. However, if your holiday is still in the planning stage and you are not quite sure what exactly you could do, take a look at these tips.

How to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Big Bear?

How to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Big BearThere is a wide variety of activities you can take up in this spectacular place, so here are four romantic tips to make this Valentine’s Day a really special one.


When it comes to outdoor adventures, hiking and camping are great ways to lose yourselves in the beautiful nature. Grab your backpacks and head for the amazing mountains to enjoy the breathtaking view or rest by the crystal clear water of the lake. It’s always wonderful to keep each other warm out there in the cold, and if you round it off with a bit of stargazing, the experience is complete.

Winter fun

If you and your partner prefer playful activities on snow, skiing and snowboarding are definitely for you. But, there are also some other exciting ventures such as snowshoeing, snow tubing or even horse riding. However, taking a ride in a horse-drawn sleigh is definitely the most romantic one.


A delicious dinner can be a good choice. Nevertheless, if you want to take your lover out to a restaurant, you may want to book it a couple of days ahead since it gets quite crowded and the evening can easily become an ordinary one, just as any other. Therefore, a better option could be to actually make a nice dinner by yourself. It can be a really easy meal which, when set on a table for two while he/she is relaxing soaked in the hottub, might be just the most romantic meal ever.


In case you simply want to have restful time and forget about the fuss of everyday life, staying in the cabin can also turn into an unforgettable experience. Setting up candlelight all over the place instead of the regular lights is the first thing to make a great romantic atmosphere. Further on, immersing yourselves in the hottub can be so relaxing and snuggling up to each other by the fireplace might make you want to stay there forever. You may also add some wine and chocolate and maybe even put on your favorite song. What’s more, you can also arrange a couples massage in the cabin and this Valentine’s Day could really be something to remember.

Where in Big Bear can I book the best luxury vacation rentalsWhere in Big Bear can I book the best luxury vacation rentals?

With cabins that are fully equipped starting from kitchen to gaming room, guests at Evergreen Lodge are given a truly amazing experience. It is a perfect family getaway, but also ideal for couples. Just west of the Big Bear City, the location provides innumerable options for great fun, enjoyment and relaxing. The astounding nature and spectacular views make a big part of this beautiful land. So, make the call and book your cabin right now! You are bound to have a marvelous adventure you’ll never forget!

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