August 31, 2020

6 Reasons to Go on a Cabin Retreat

Are you planning a vacation anytime soon? Perhaps you can try something new this year! Instead of booking a hotel, as usual, think about exploring other options, such as a Big Bear large cabin rental. Such a charming luxury retreat will surely take your holiday to a whole new level. Excited to hear more about it!?

Before you start packing, do your research and learn what you should know about cabin rentals, as well as how to find one and how to plan your trip. Once you’ve selected your destination and booked your cabin, only one thing is left to do: relax!

Why should I stay at a cabin?

Hidden away from crowded streets and busy roads, cabin rentals have so much to offer! Here is why you shouldn’t wait a minute longer to start planning your cabin trip:

Looking for a Big Bear large cabin rental

1. Peace and quiet

Hotels are always brimming with people, so if you want to spend a peaceful vacation, far away from the usual hustle and bustle of urban living, a cabin rental is a much better choice. It will bring you the serenity that you lack in your everyday life and allow you to reconnect with your inner self.

2. Fascinating surroundings

Places like Big Bear Lake can give you an opportunity to spend your vacation surrounded by woods, mountains, and beautiful views away from populated areas. Just imagine waking up to a floor-to-ceiling view of the breathtaking landscape! Studies have shown that simply observing scenes of nature can be enough to help a person relieve stress and fear that a fast-paced lifestyle often brings with it.

3. Great amenities

Luxury cabin rentals come equipped with all kinds of amenities that will make your vacation super-enjoyable and provide you with increased comfort. Whether you wish to spend your evenings by the fireplace, relax in a hot tub, or an entertainment area, your lovely cabin getaway won’t fall short of your expectations.

4. Pet-friendly rentals

The majority of cabin rentals has a pet-friendly policy and allows its guests to bring their furry friends with them. Isn’t this amazing? Not only will you be able to say goodbye to worrying where to leave your dog during your vacation, but you will finally get the chance to pack your bags without feeling guilty for leaving your puppy behind. All the best cabin retreats are built with their guests’ needs in mind, providing you with an unforgettable vacation experience tailored to your preferences.

5. More space

With cabin rentals, you will forget all about cramped hotel rooms and feel the difference that comes with spacious cabins fitted with top-quality pieces of furniture. Their nature-inspired design and a warm atmosphere will make you feel right at home.

6. Access to exciting outdoor activitiesWhy should I stay at a cabin

Located just steps away from biking and hiking trails, cabin rentals provide their guests with a multitude of opportunities to embark on an adventure and explore the wildlife that surrounds them. You can also take some time to wander around and experience the unique charm of local towns and their diverse attractions. With so many choices available, you can be sure to find an activity that works for you.

Looking for a Big Bear large cabin rental?

Contact Evergreen Lodge! Our luxury cabin retreat is located in one of the best neighborhoods of Big Bear Lake. It boasts spacious rooms equipped with numerous lush amenities that will make it possible for you to enjoy every second of your stay.

Aside from unwinding by the fireplace with a good book, you can also try out some of the exciting activities this place has to offer, including horseback riding and hiking. What’s more, with Big Bear Alpine Zoo and The Alpine Slide in the vicinity, the fun will never end!

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